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    You may be asking yourself “Where did this company come from? How long have they been around? Is this a legit place I can purchase kickass t-shirt?”. Your answers to those questions are as follows:

    Hall of Fandom Apparel was created by Sentient Rising Solutions, LLC recently in July of 2019. Even though this store is brand new, Sentient Rising Solutions has been around for over 4 years now, so yes, this is a legitimate store you can feel safe purchasing from! Sentient Rising Solutions is a creative agency founded by a graphic designer and web developer who both have over a decade of experience each in their respective fields. This store is powered 100% by Sentient Rising Solutions.

    The Designer

    Eric Peregrine has been an artist ever since he could hold a crayon. He created his first logo before the age of 10 for his parent’s business. He has been an avid football and pro wrestling fan his entire life as well. In highschool he started dabbling in digital design and websites, his parent’s business becoming his first guinea pig. After highschool he moved to Atlanta, GA where he originally intended to pursue a degree in web design and development at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

    After about a year into the program he realized that he was more of a designer than a developer and decided to refocus his career path into the world of design. This also lead into marketing and promotion work as well as sales. He also was attending WWA4 wrestling school at the time, with the goal to become a professional wrestler, and even though wrestling still sits close to his heart, those dreams changed as well. He ended up moving back to Iowa after this time spent in Georgia, but the impact had already been made, and Georgia would become the home he longed for over the coming years.

    After dabbling with different business ventures and freelance design, and moving around Iowa (where he is from), he moved back to Atlanta, GA where he met his current business partner and developer Fedor. Within a few months of meeting they formed Sentient Rising Solutions and the rest is history. He has moved back to various rural places in Iowa and lived in Kansas City since then, however, he will be moving back to the Atlanta area by 2020.

    The Developer

    Fedor Parfenov was born in Russia and moved to the States when he was little. He comes from a lineage of programmers so his skills and way of thinking come very natural to him, but while growing up, he was always jealous of his peers that could draw and create art. Driven by the passion of organization and helping people, he became a self-taught coder in high school, and afterwards embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure of contracting websites in between jobs.

    After meeting Eric and forming Sentient Rising Solutions, and learning a little about business from him, Fedor developed an interest in helping small businesses with his organizational and IT skills. As a developer always having been a connoisseur of design, he provides design feedback to Eric regarding the vibe that it gives off, allowing for combined taste of audiences that the design can appeal to. Soon, this will blossom into a new-found interest of becoming a designer as well.

    Fedor likes to explore the efficiencies of different business and programming structures that are simple and can be visualized easily. With a knack for math and spirituality, he now creates mathematically precise purpose-driven art and diagrams of organization.

    The Wrestler

    Born in Rosenburg, Germany, and the son of two Army parents Kingston Robinson started his journey in Professional Wrestling in 2014. Trained by “P.Y.T.” Fred Avery, Kingston learned the art of Character Development and In-Ring work. Professional Wrestling was always a huge catalyst in Kingston’s life as it helped him through a very troubled time in his childhood, and he vowed to pay it back to anyone else that has ever been in that position.

    After developing the name Adrian Armour, the brand started to travel very fast. Covering ground from Georgia,Florida,The Carolinas,Tennessee,New York, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indiana, etc…in just the matter of his first two years. With the addition of pairing the brand with fitness companies like Alpha Pack Fitness, Run Everything Labs, and Flag nor Fail… Adrian Armour started to build the wrestling brand that he strived for. 

    Adrian Armour is also part of “The Hierarchy” a group of established very storied wrestlers from the Southeast (Murder One,Joe Black, Suge D,Jimmy Rave,and Aria Blake). The #2FingerSalute has created shockwaves through the wrestling world & culture. Adrian Armour always plans to continue that impact towards Pro-Wrestling whether he is inside the ring or not.

    Why Hall of Fandom?

    Both of the owners, Eric and Fedor, have been wanting an apparel shop for quite some time and were looking for a way not just to display Eric’s work but offer merchandising services to the clients of their creative agency as well. Thus, Hall of Fandom was born. This site will primarily function as a place Eric can create designs, express himself through his art, and share it with others. If you like the art, feel free to support us by buying a shirt.

    Our Plans

    This store will start off pretty sports focused, specifically football and wrestling for now, but we plan for there to be a wide variety of designs for a wide variety of fandoms as time progresses. This is currently our side project, so as we have the time to create more designs and update things between client and company work, we will do so.

    We welcome you to follow us on social media and watch our journey unfold as we grow from a completely new business to wherever we end up! We don’t have a destination in mind, but we do plan on having quite a long and interesting journey!

    MyFandom Program

    We are now offering services to professional wrestlers (and the general public on a case by case basis) to design your merchandise and sell it in our store. You will of course get a cut of the profits. This new program is still in its infancy and we plan to expand it as time progresses. For more information, please click here.

    The Road Map

    We want our customers and members (and people thinking about becoming customers and/or members) to know this store is far from finished. What you see today, isn’t what you are always going to get. We have a lot of plans moving forward from increasing loading speeds, to cleaner URLs, to brand new features we intend to roll out. As we move forward we will add a more detailed Road Map of what we plan to improve and add to our site for customers and MyFandom members alike. Stay tuned!